When I started I didn’t know how pen tool in Adobe Photoshop program works so I got rejected for the job when I applied for a Graphic Designer role more than a decade ago. I don’t have a personal computer back then but I love making artworks. That moment pushes me forward to work harder and learn one skill at a time for my business.

That is why on Nov 20, I will be teaching via Zoom to our private group that I created for Freelancers, Coaches, Course Creators and Business owners in my network. This is the first time that I will be doing this kind of event since working as a Freelancer.

From working as a Graphic Designer to making infographics to now working as a Web Developer and building Funnels to help my clients– that was a BIG LEAP in my skillsets. Wiiiw!

Topics that I will be discussing are Understanding the History and Principles of Graphic Design and its Role in Modern Business and Communication.